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John Neville

Stanford University

B.S. Mathematical and Computational Science

University of Oxford

M.S. Financial Economics

Benjamin deMayo

Stanford University

B.A. Psychology, minor in Spanish

Mirko Mostaghimi

University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Biology and Psychology

Niall Molloy

Imperial College, London

BSc, Physics

Katie Lawrence Levy

Princeton University

B.A. Political Science

Dartmouth College


Anton Esmail-Yakas

Imperial College London

M.S. Physics

Daniel McElroy

NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study

B.A. Individualized Study

Phil Sommerfeld

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

B.S. in Physics & minor in Mathematics

John Sommerfeld

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

B.S. Geology

Kira Brownell

UC Santa Cruz

B.S. Technology Information Management

Stuart Easton

Quinnipiac University

B.A. English, M.A. Secondary Education

Josh Davis

Yale University

B.A. History

Corey Sherman


B.S. International Politics

Oxford University

MPhil Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Alana Bralsford

Imperial College London, UK

Meng in Design Engineering

Karen Wen

Dartmouth College

B.A. Psychology, minor in Sociology

Katherine Pollock

Brown University

A.B. Middle East Studies

Jonathan Fry

California State University, San Bernardino

B.A. Mathematics and Philosophy

California State University, Los Angeles

M.A. Philosophy

Harry Gray

Yale University

B.A. Philosophy

Rachel Edgell

Princeton University

B.S. Anthropology and South Asian Studies

Ted Murguia


B.S., Industrial Engineering

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School


Brena Adams

Colorado State University

B.S. Mathematics

Andra Necula

University of York

B.S. Molecular Biology

Komal Rana

California State University, East Bay

B.S. Biology

Salma Abdel-Raheem

College of William and Mary

B.S. Biology

San Francisco State University

M.S. Geographic Information Systems

Ori Barashy

Chapman University

B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; B.A. Economics

Cameron Kraemer

Boston University

B.A., M.A. English/Writing

Joseph Proulx

University of Waterloo

B.A. Language and Literature

University of Waterloo and University College London

M.A. Applied Linguistics

Cassidi Rush

University of the Pacific

B.A. Biology, M.S. Biology

Sasha Fletcher

Amherst College

B.S. Psychology and Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

M.S. Education

Pano Roditis

California State University of Sacramento

B.A. Theatre

Justin Scott


B.A. English

Yale University

M.A. African Studies

Lawrence Anicete

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Davis


Lisa Schultz


Graduate certificate in College Counseling

Colgate University


Bijal Patel

UC Berkeley

B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology

Kaitlin Fritz

North Carolina State University

B.A. English

University College London

M.A. Art History

Preston Evers

Princeton University

B.A. Philosophy

Lucas McAdams

University of Oregon

B.S. Political Science

Noah Dewar

McGill University

B.S. Physics

Stanford University


Harleen Bal

University of Richmond

B.A. Healthcare Studies and Environmental Studies

Leah Gilbert

University of New Hampshire

B.A. in Communication

Lesley University

M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Guidance Counseling

Raymond Garcia

University of Pacific

BSc. Bioengineering

Seaun Eddy

Claremont McKenna College

B.A. Economics

Columbia University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Clement Gelly

Columbia University

B.A. Religion

Nikolas Jones

Santa Clara University

B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science

Logan Hunt

Azusa Pacific University

B.A. Christian Ministries, M.A. English

Bradford Harris

Duke University

B.A. English

Stanford University

Ph.D. History of Science and Technology

Vemmy Metsutnan

UC Berkeley

B.S. Biology

Edmund Tran

University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. Economics

California State University, Los Angeles

M.A. Education

Jackson MacFarlane

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

B.Sc., Geophysics and Applied Mathematics

Stanford University

Ph.D. (in progress), Geophysics

Jazmyn Ledford

Arizona State University

B.A. in Psychology

Ellen Genender

University of Pennsylvania

B.A. Political Science, M.B.A.

Columbia University

Masters in International Affairs

Brian Smith

UC Davis

B.A. Economics and International Relations

Will Mosley

California State University, Sacramento

B.A. Journalism

Doug Honegan

Georgetown University

B.A. Arabic Language & Literature

Payton Ksidakis

Texas Christian University

B.S. Child Development

Adam Allouche

Yale University

B.A. History

Robin Glover

Princeton University

B.A. Philosophy

Chinonso Anuebunwa



Billy Downing

UC Berkeley


University of San Francisco


Dara Arad

University of East Anglia

B.A. Literature and Creative Writing

UC Berkeley

John Sheffield


B.A. Political Science

Christopher Johnson

University of San Francisco

B.A. Media Studies

Courtney Couch

UC Berkeley

B.A. Sociology

Eric Harter

San Diego State

B.S. Public Administration

National University

M.A. Education

Katerina Baruffi

Boston College

B.A. Theatre, minor Theology

David Koss

Hobart College, Columbia University

B.S. Comparative Literature; B.A. Organizational Psychology

University of Denver


Jude Morris

San Francisco State University

B.A. Philosophy and Classics

University of Colorado, Boulder

M.A. Classics

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