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Our mission:

Transforming students’ dreams into reality through mentorship.

At ESM, our primary goal every day is to help our students realize their incredible potential. We inspire our students to believe in their capabilities and set lofty goals for themselves; we empower them to go above and beyond.

Through our passion for teaching, learning, and mentoring, our students see that being smart is not only okay, but actually very cool. We prove to them that they have cheerleaders, advisors, and supporters for life.

Our students mature into self-confident thinkers and doers, engaging fully with their material, speaking up in class, trying out for plays and sports, and achieving better grades. We support them every step of the way so they can reach their dreams.

Students First


Be Kind

Remember that everyone has a different story. Lead with empathy.

Exude the Spirit of

Be the mentors we wish we had when we were younger —and also be mentees ourselves.

Nurture our Community of Educators

Collaborate and connect with people across all backgrounds, ages, and interests.

Live and Teach with Integrity

Do the right thing. Know that people are looking to us to set an ethical example.

Embrace our Inner Nerds

Make our love of learning infectious.

Why ESM is the best place to help your kids

Trained Career Professionals

Simply put, our people are the best. Our staff comprises expert career mentors who are dedicated to fostering student excellence. With a cultivated commitment to ongoing professional development, our mentors are constantly learning, adding to ESM’s wealth of experience and expertise.

A team approach to student success

We pair each student with a specialized group of mentors and counselors who can best meet their individual needs and facilitate their ongoing success— from secondary school to college and beyond.

We care

At ESM, we embrace the word mentor. We build meaningful, lasting relationships with our students. We engage students beyond academic support, offering holistic guidance and care. We’re more than tutors: we’re coaches, mentors, and friends.

Meet the
leadership team

Billy Downing


Katie Lawrence Levy


Lucas McAdams

Managing Partner

Lawrence Anicete

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Adam Allouche

Director of Test Strategy

Leah Gilbert

Client Services Manager

Joe Jaszewski

Creative Director

Josh Davis

ESM UK Founder

Niall Molloy

UK Managing Director

How it all started

ESM Prep was founded in Sacramento, California by Billy Downing. An alum of both Jesuit High School and UC Berkeley, Billy saw a need among local students for mentorship-based academic assistance. He founded ESM in 2011 with the goals of helping students find the right-fit college and promoting their success both in and out of the classroom. With its unique mentorship model and student-focused mission, ESM soon expanded to the Bay Area and now operates across the globe with offices in five cities.