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ESM is hiring Academic Mentors.
Learn about the perks below.

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The perks


Most of our classes and tutorials take place on nights and weekends. This means you can still hold on to your full-time job, school commitments, or other opportunities. In fact, many of our teachers and tutors work or study full-time.

Work from anywhere

If mentoring students online or teaching online classes, you can connect from any quiet place with stable, high-speed internet.


Our training ensures that you will teach and tutor with confidence. Our industry-leading technology and materials guarantee you and your students the most effective and up-to-date prep available.


There’s plenty of room to grow within the company by cross-training in multiple subjects, proctoring, tutoring and teaching in person and online, and more.

Make a difference

We’re more than tutors: we’re coaches, mentors, and friends. By working with us, you can help make sustained changes in a student's future.


We provide industry-leading compensation to our employees, not only through wages, but also through benefits like health care, 401-k matching, and maternity/paternity leave.

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