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Stuart Easton

B.A. English, M.A. Secondary Education

Quinnipiac University

"If you want to teach someone to build a ship, do not hand them plans. Rather, show them what lies on the other side of the ocean."


Stuart was born in England and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts. Growing up, he was an avid reader, writer, basketball player, and traveler who loved to learn. After high school, Stuart moved to Connecticut to attend Quinnipiac University. He focused on his love of writing by studying Journalism and English. Stuart also took advantage of an opportunity to explore his passion for travel by enrolling in Semester at Sea—a study abroad program that circumnavigates the globe by boat. Through this experience, Stuart had the chance to work with young people around the world, and he realized his passion for teaching. Upon returning, he enrolled in Quinnipiac’s Master’s of Arts in Teaching program.

Stuart completed his master’s degree and earned a position teaching high school English at a local high school. Over the course of the next decade, Stuart lived all over the United States teaching in both public and private settings, covering everything from math to poetry, biology to the SATs. Having tutored students one-on-one and taught classes as big as forty, Stuart has a wide variety of educational experiences, each one presenting its own challenges and rewards. No matter the setting, the size, or the background, though, the one common denominator is Stuart’s passion for helping students grow through education.

Through both public and private education, Stuart became passionate and driven to help students find their best path forward through higher education. When coaching a student through the college application process, he has learned that the most effective tool is self-reflection. By helping students learn who they are, what they want, and what truly matters to them, Stuart's process is equal parts education and self realization.

Now that he is settled down in San Diego with his fiancee, Stuart is pursuing his passion for writing while also partnering with ESM to help students achieve their highest potential. When he is not writing or teaching, Stuart loves to travel, play basketball, and read.

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