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Stuart Easton

M.A. Secondary Education, B.A. English

Quinnipiac University


College Counseling

"If you want to teach someone to build a ship, do not hand them plans. Rather, show them what lies on the other side of the ocean."


Stuart is a lifelong educator with experiences in all realms of the high school-to-college pipeline. He began his career as an award-winning classroom teacher before working his way into administrative roles for a nationally recognized high school. Along the way, he developed a passion for helping students find their voice as they sought a path after high school. Since that realization he has presented to countless groups of high school students, worked one-on-one with students accepted to their ideal choices, and developed an empathetic and student-led model for navigating the college application process.

In his work with students, Stuart finds that the college selection process is as much self-discovery as it is filling out applications. Although the goal of every partnership is to help students reach their full potential, the foundation for doing so is an earnest and honest look at who the student is and who they want to be. Through compassionate connection, these findings can be manifested in concrete actions that will not only make applicants more successful, but also allow them to feel confident that when they are accepted, they are accepted for their true selves and have found a place that will nurture them in the present and the future.

This passion for supporting students stems from Stuart's childhood. Stuart was born in England and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts, and although his childhood was wonderful, growing up in an entirely different country from his parents made him realize the importance of support and acceptance through academics. It was through the classroom that he grew into an avid reader, writer, basketball player, and traveler who loved to learn. After high school, Stuart moved to Connecticut to attend Quinnipiac University. He focused on his love of writing by studying Journalism and English. Stuart also took advantage of an opportunity to explore his passion for travel by enrolling in Semester at Sea—a study abroad program that circumnavigates the globe by ship. Through this experience, Stuart had the chance to work with young people around the world, and he realized his passion for education. Upon returning, he enrolled in Quinnipiac’s Master’s of Arts in Teaching program.

Now that he is settled down in San Diego with his wife and daughter, Stuart is pursuing his passion for writing while also partnering with ESM Prep to help students achieve their highest potential. When he is not coaching students or spending time with his family, Stuart loves to travel, play basketball, and read.


“Thank you so much for all of the wonderful words of wisdom, guidance, and support you provided us. It was so helpful and certainly made the experience so much easier and upbeat too. Considering the whole process can be pretty stressful and overwhelming, we still looked forward to our sessions with you!” - Parent of college counseling student, 2023

“Going into my junior year, I was against having any kind of outside help for school. I felt the constant reminder of my future and the possibility that I may face rejection would only stress me out on top of schoolwork, sports, and extracurriculars. This, however, could not be more incorrect. Stuart does not see me as just a client, but as a person, and he has actually made the process much LESS stressful. I never thought I would be excited for anything that’s not the weekend, but here I am confidently saying I look forward to our weekly meetings. Instead of feeling like a failure, Stuart has helped me become more confident in myself and my future.” - College counseling student, 2023

“The hypercompetitive college application process is not for the faint of heart. As my daughter entered into the fray, she was at risk of being lost amid a sea of high-achieving high schoolers. Importantly, I knew that we would both be better off if I took a supporting role and let someone with more expertise be her guide. Thankfully, ESM found the perfect guide. In our very first meeting, Stuart took the time to get to know my daughter as a person and not just an applicant. Since then he has continued to make sure that every step of the process works for her as an individual. Stuart’s timely responses to all of our questions and concerns have helped us to navigate the complexities and nuances of junior year scheduling, and his thoughtful research has helped my daughter create a list of colleges that feel right for her. Nothing can entirely alleviate the stress and anxiety that accompanies college applications, but having help certainly makes a difference. I am so grateful that Stuart has made it possible for me to just continue to be my daughter’s biggest cheerleader.” - Parent of college counseling student, 2023

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University of Hawaii at Manoa

Post Baccalaureate in Special Education

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