Alana Bralsford

Meng in Design Engineering

Imperial College London, UK

Alana believes fundamentally in building her students’ confidence and ability to work through challenges, which ensures success in all facets of their lives. Influenced by a mentor herself throughout her high school years—alongside her own work as a tutor and mentor—Alana has experienced first-hand the immense impact guidance has on a student’s intellectual and personal development. She has years of experience working with young people, from coaching to nannying to tutoring, and she is eager to bring her passion for physics, math, and chemistry  to her lessons in a fun and engaging way, inspiring her students' interest in the subject beyond the classroom.

Physics and mathematics have been Alana’s calling from a young age, evident in her constant constructions of contraptions as a child as well as her ever-present curiosity of the mechanics of the world. She is now studying Design Engineering MEng at Imperial College London, UK. Following her work experience at renowned defense engineering company Leonardo, she’s particularly interested in conservation and clean energy innovations. 

In her free time, Alana loves to play sports and stay active. She is a member of the women’s first football team at Imperial, and she is a keen traveller and animal lover, which led her to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary and dog rescue in Thailand. She also plays a variety of instruments.

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