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Brena Adams

B.S. Mathematics

Colorado State University

Brena has been helping students connect with math concepts for the last decade and loves it! In 8th grade, she took the ACT out of curiosity and scored a composite score in the top 10 percent. With these results, she was able to begin college full time at 15 and earn her BS in Mathematics with a minor in Art when she turned 20. She enjoyed taking as many math classes as possible and using the fantastic ceramics studio on campus at Colorado State University.

While in college, she tutored all levels of math to her fellow college students, and she also taught College Algebra Co-Requisite Lab classes until she graduated. After graduating, she added test prep to her tutoring repertoire, including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, GRE, SSAT, ISEE, and the SAT Math2 Subject Test, and continued to tutor upper division math classes and high school level science classes. Brena loves finding new avenues to teach and share her passion, and during her 4 years as an adjunct instructor with the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound program at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Brena taught English, Math, and Science courses for veterans seeking to go back to school and earn their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees.

Brena has eclectic hobbies—she enjoys gaining new and interesting life experience through a variety of jobs, like working at a Renaissance Festival, making hot sauce, working at an import store (and traveling to Bali to meet the artists in person!), working as an actor for the Crisis Intervention Team to train law enforcement officers on verbal de-escalation techniques, and working as a sound engineer at an audio book recording studio for the visually impaired. Brena views life as a continuous opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Her most recent grand adventure was moving from her home state of Colorado to Los Angeles, California, and running the LA branch office in Brentwood.

When she isn’t tutoring and mentoring, Brena is probably working on an art project. She spent her teenage years raising sheep and goats for their fleece and processing the fleeces into wearable art, and she learned construction techniques while helping build the house she lived in during those years on the ranch. Brena works with a variety of media such as textiles, metals, woods, paints, and pen and ink, and always has a few projects going during her free time. Her fluffy old cat, CK, helps, and sometimes her fiance, Eric, joins in too. With her varied interests, Brena enthusiastically connects with students and can find creative ways to express ideas and explain concepts.

Her favorite moment in a tutoring session is when students recognize their own strides and remark that a previously intimidating topic actually makes sense, and they carry that boost in confidence into other areas of school and life.

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