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Kira Brownell

B.S. Technology Information Management

UC Santa Cruz


Academic Mentorship

Test Prep

Kira Brownell is an expert academic and test prep mentor who brings over 8,000 hours of one-on-one teaching experience to her students. Since 2016, Kira has helped students master subjects including every level of math course from 1st grade to multivariable calculus and differential equations, anatomy, accounting, AP/IB Economics, AP/IB Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, and more. Kira also mentors students to reach their ACT and SAT goals and edit/complete their college essays and applications. 

Kira graduated from UCSC Baskin School of Engineering with honors in her major: Technology Information Management. At UCSC, she not only learned about business practices, computer science languages, and high-level math concepts but also took a course on teaching. She began her tutoring career working for the campus community as an LSS mentor for other students in her classes. As Kira became more comfortable with teaching small groups of students in math and computer science courses, she started working one-on-one with students and discovered that this is where she truly thrives. Throughout her years with ESM, Kira has grown the number of subjects she can mentor and has continued her education as well. In 2022, Kira completed an AA in Accounting.

Kira loves working with students one-on-one because she finds that many students learn best if their environment is fun and personable. She wants her students to feel confident going to her for help with anything, so she is friendly and encouraging while still maintaining mutual respect. Kira’s main goal is to teach students lifelong skills and learning techniques in a clear and effective manner. She wants her students to know how to study and helps them find methods most suited to their learning styles. Kira is able to ensure a complete understanding of the material they cover by asking questions and having the students teach her how to complete similar problems. Kira’s previous students have said that this method of learning is extremely helpful and beneficial. 

Kira first began teaching on the soccer field and on horseback. This experience has helped her find ways to explain concepts in different ways and to many different types of learners. Her work with horses has shown her how much a great connection between teacher and student can make a difference in the student's ability to learn. Her involvement and care for students’ extracurricular activities help them know that she wants them to succeed in both the classroom and in life. This level of care and mentorship has allowed Kira to find success in ESM’s Equity Program and also become ESM’s Launch Summer Camp Director.


“Kira was so supportive and encouraging when it came to schoolwork. She always made herself available whenever I needed her. Working with her made the transition from high school to college more doable!” - Academic Mentorship student

“Working with Kira played an integral role in prepping for the SAT and excelling in my high school courses. She was engaging, patient, and clear. We worked through countless problems across multiple subjects, and she left me with tools and methods I still use in college coursework.” - SAT & Academic student

“Kira is a well-established tutor who can provide guidance and support in a wide range of grade levels and subjects. She balances fun and learning in a way most tutors cannot. Would 100% recommend to anyone.” - Academic Mentorship student

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