Kira Brownell

B.S. Technology Information Management

UC Santa Cruz

Kira started her tutoring career during her senior year at the University of California, Santa Cruz; she began with Statistics and soon was tutoring Linear Algebra, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science classes. Kira discovered a love for coding and business process development at UCSC where she majored in Technology Information Management. Graduating with honors, Kira moved back home to Sacramento and joined the ESM team as a full-time academic mentor. With over a year of ESM experience, she tutors many subjects: ACT, SAT, Computer Science, Anatomy, and all levels of math. Her love for helping people inspires her to be the best mentor she can be for her students by bringing joy to difficult subjects.

Kira finds that students learn best if the learning environment is fun and personable. She likes her students to feel confident about going to her for help with anything. One of Kira’s main goals is to teach students lifelong skills and learning techniques in a clear and effective manner. One way Kira does this is by switching the roles and allowing the students to act as the teacher to show complete understanding of the materials they’ve just reviewed. Several of Kira’s previous students have said that this unique method of learning is extremely helpful and beneficial.

Kira discovered her passion for educating others through horseback riding and soccer. She has been training horses and young riders for the last four years as an assistant trainer at her riding stables in Elverta. Along with her work as a horse trainer, Kira has also coached the Rio Americano freshman women’s soccer team. Kira makes it her top priority that her students, players, and riders fully understand every concept before confronting the next.

Lucas McAdams

University of Oregon

B.S. Political Science

Edmund Tran


B.A. Economics

John Sommerfeld

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

B.S. Geology

Karen Wen

Dartmouth College

B.A. Psychology, minor in Sociology

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