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Almost every day I get asked, "how do you do it?" And I've never been able to formulate a decent response. Instead, I just answer with, "I love it, and it's what makes me, me." For those that don't know me, besides working full time at ESM, I also run a 20-acre horse boarding facility, teach riding lessons, and train horses. They are all jobs I thoroughly enjoy and get great satisfaction from. However, I'd be lying if I said it doesn't get hard. Of course--probably weekly--I get frustrated, anxious, or struggle to stay positive with such a busy schedule. But, in order to counteract this, I refocus on maintaining my mindset, and my mindset is what keeps me going while staying true to who I am and what I believe.

Management - Managing your time and feeling confident in a daily schedule will help you know things are under control. When you are organized it will ease a lot of stress and help you stay positive. Take time at the beginning of every day to check your schedule and know what must be accomplished.

Initiate - Start your plans. It can feel daunting when you're solely focused on the big picture; instead, pick smaller tasks to help you get started. You can't succeed if you don't at least try. Sometimes the start of a project or day is the hardest part. Break that down and work piece by piece.

Nurture - Be the best you can to your body. Physical and mental health is a huge part of accomplishing your necessary daily tasks. Knowing when you need a break, and taking even just five minutes to recenter your thoughts can help immensely. Making sure to sleep, eat, and drink enough will also help you accomplish the necessary.

Determination - Don't quit when things get hard. There will always be bumps in the way, so you must learn how to hurdle (or at least crawl) over them one at a time. Stay determined no matter how many times you get pulled back. Remind yourself why you are doing it and refocus on the end result. Sincerity - Make your words and actions match. Be sincere to yourself and others. Your honesty matters to the people around you, but more importantly, it can change how you view yourself. When you stay true to your word, it will help with your work ethic and your overall personal development.

Energy - Staying positive and keeping your energy level high is very important. If you act down and depressed you soon will be. When you do feel down, take a break; do something that reminds you of why you started.

Thankful - Remain thankful for the people, opportunities, and life around you. They will feel your gratitude, and reciprocate your positivity back to you.