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Andra Necula

B.S. Molecular Biology

University of York

Andra has been naturally drawn towards education from an early age. In high school, she spent three years as a volunteer for Save the Children, teaching classes on human rights, sexual education and drug abuse to children in Romanian schools. It was a challenging undertaking, but it opened her eyes to the impact education can have on every single child. Since then, she has worked as a pro bono director in several educational NGOs and has learned a lot about the importance of patience, empathy, and flexibility in teaching.

Andra loves helping students with their university applications, and she spent three years providing career coaching to students and young professionals from more than 50 countries. She was also on the board of a charity that offers full scholarships for a summer school in Oxford to talented Romanian students from disadvantaged backgrounds. To this day, her favourite voluntary project was coordinating a team of teachers in Romanian state schools in the creation of an alternative national curriculum in education.

Andra is a biologist by training: she completed a degree in Molecular Biology at the University of York and is currently finishing her doctorate at the University of Oxford. She really enjoys teaching science subjects and is especially thrilled to see students in awe when they realise the impact of Biology and Chemistry on their daily lives. She is also a bit of a language geek, but the only languages she actually ventures to teach are English and Spanish (and Romanian, if anybody ever takes her up on it…). In her spare time, Andra loves to read books. A decade ago, she was considering becoming a literary critic. Now, she applies that diligence to interpreting Reading passages in SAT and ACT exams with her students.

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