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Mentor Spotlight: Logan Hunt


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While completing his M.A. in English at Azusa Pacific University, Logan worked as a Professor’s Aide tasked with developing students’ writing ability. He found that most writing curricula often rely too heavily on the student’s ability, so Logan has since developed a way of teaching writing that breaks down the essay-writing process into manageable and repeatable steps. 

Additionally, as a writer himself, Logan appreciates how challenging the writing process can be for students. This understanding, coupled with his desire to tailor the writing process to each student, makes Logan a knowledgeable and empathetic source of support for his students.

Logan imbues his students with not only more pride in their work, but also a confidence in their writing abilities that will serve them in high school, college, and beyond. 

Logan teaches a variety of subjects, including SAT/ACT Prep, English, History, and writing.

If you would like to learn more about Logan and how he can guide you to success, please reach out to