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Can I cancel my LSAT score?

Remember that once an LSAT score is on your record, schools can see it. Unlike the SAT and ACT, there is no score choice with the LSAT.

Historically, the LSAT has only allowed test-takers to cancel their scores and strike it from their records within six days of the exam. This meant any cancellation would have to be made well before score reports were released, making the option suitable only for students who were sure they'd bombed the test.

As of August 2020, though, the LSAT has implemented a new policy, creating a new score preview option ($45/$75 depending when it's ordered) for first-time test takers only who wish to see their LSAT score before deciding whether or not to keep it as part of their LSAC transcript and report it to law schools.

First-time test takers who sign up for Score Preview will receive their scores at the same time other test takers receive theirs (assuming they have completed their LSAT Writing and have no holds on their accounts), and will have six (6) calendar days to decide if they want to cancel or keep their score. If no action is taken, their scores will be added to their LSAC transcript and released to schools at the end of the six-day period.  

This is a fantastic development for students who leave their first test feeling uncertain about how they performed.

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