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Introducing Prepmedians, the Test Prep Comedians

ESM is excited to introduce you to Kalyan, a friend of ours who is taking a new, cool approach to test prep. A graduate of Yale (undergraduate) and UChicago (MBA), Kalyan is a perfect scorer himself with 5000+ hours of tutoring. He developed his company, Prepmedians: the Test Prep Comedians, with the goal of creating a truly fun learning platform: one that’s designed to be relatable, effective, and funny.Kalyan’s acting background always came in handy while tutoring: he found ways to engage and entertain his students to make learning seamless and enjoyable. “Why is it?” Kalyan mused, “that students can memorize an entire Drake song but they can’t remember the quadratic formula?”Kalyan knew he could create something that bridged the worlds of academic learning and culturally-relevant, engaging content—he also wanted to build something accessible and wide-reaching. Thus, bearing the mission of “All Students Deserve to Laugh and Learn,” Prepmedians was born. Beyond individual student subscriptions, Kalyan has also worked to bring Prepmedians to nonprofits and public schools. Now “TikTok famous,” Prepmedians also has 220K+ TikTok followers: the approach resonates with and engages teenagers on the right channel.Prepmedians’ video content features broadway actors and sketch comedians; the episodes are designed to be visual, approachable, and, of course, fun!

How Does It Work?

  • The Prepmedians experience is entirely online, but can be fully accessed through any device including smartphones and tablets: its “software as a service” model is subscription-based, and it currently offers students content in the ACT English and SAT Writing and Language sections with plans to release the full library this fall.
  • The learning modules are each 20 minutes long--including a 5 min question set, a video, and a follow-up question set after video.
  • Students have individual learning profiles where they can track their progress through the various modules, and the modules are built to work in tandem with educators as a supplemental learning resource.

Prepmedians is designed to be a positive learning experience—it’s built to lessen stress, build confidence, and generate a lot of laughter.  And it works: multiple students have improved ACT English scores using Prepmedians by as much as 11 pointsf rom 22-24 up to 33s in under a month. “If we teach students the way they want to learn, they’ll learn it,” Kalyan says, “Education can be culturally relevant. ”We certainly agree! Interested in learning more? With the promo code ESM25, families can get 25% off, paying less than $22 for the first month or a one time purchase of $75 for 8 months. Get started laughing and learning today at and follow the company on IG (@sat_act_prepmedians) and TikTok (@prepmedians). After all, through engagement comes empowerment!