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Alumni Spotlight - Patrick Ward


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Patrick attended the American High School in Japan and then went on to graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He currently works as an associate for a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.


Patrick used his connections through an internship to secure a job in the Startup/VC Tech world right out of college. Patrick actually began making his professional connections during his time as an ESM Prep student. He also has connections to the Finance, Law and Education fields through some of his friends from high school and college.   


Over the past couple years, Patrick has learned to manage adulting and how to better deal with difficult situations. He has also learned the value of continuing and maintaining professional and personal relationships. Patrick believes that pursuing what interests him and surrounding himself with like minded and successful people has provided immeasurable value. Currently he is learning how to DJ as well.


Patrick shared the story of how he has come full circle with ESM Prep.  He was one of ESM Prep Founder Billy Downing’s first clients and now is back as a business associate helping to build the company through venture capital. He is the oldest of three brothers that all went through ESM Prep and truly understands the value that we provide to students and their families.


Patrick currently draws inspiration from his coworkers. He’s learned from their collective knowledge and feedback, and in turn hopes to inspire younger generations not to be afraid to explore and try new things to find out what they are really interested in. He also believes that it’s never too late.