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Alumni Spotlight: Alec Frank


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Will Mosley had the chance to sit down this month with Alec Frank, an ESM alum from Kansas City, MO and recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. They chatted about what he is doing now, what he hopes to learn in the coming years, and how he hopes to inspire others.


As he’s just finished up with school, right now Alec is prioritizing professional connections in his life. He competes in business challenges hosted by firms where teams of 3 or 4 students have 48-72 hours to create presentations. These events require immense focus and teamwork, and help build a professional network after the event.


Alec has learned a lot through college! Some of the lessons he’s most proud of incorporating into his life are how to surround himself with people that he likes and who want to do well, time and life management skills, how to live a structured life, how I work best, and good habits that are sustainable for the long term. He’s also become more self-reliant!


Carnegie Mellon is extremely diverse in its offerings, and Alec shared one of his favorites: there’s a lot of autonomous vehicle testing at the school and it is cool to see so much innovation happening whenever he walks around campus.


In high school, Alec didn't enjoy classes he was not interested in and, as a result, didn't do well. Billy inspired him by helping him find the perfect fit at Carnegie Mellon. As a result, he’s learned to “fail forward.” When new challenges present themselves, don’t dwell on the failure but see where you can grow—that lesson came from Billy and Alec has been living by it for years now. He wants others to do the same!