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The ACT and SAT are tests designed to forecast a student’s ability to perform in his or her first year in college. However flawed they may be, outside of the class of 2021, they remain of utmost importance for admission to almost every elite university in the United States.

The SAT test consists of two portions, one measuring students’ mathematical skills and the other their verbal skills. The math section is further broken down into calculator and no-calculator sections, while the verbal section is broken down into reading comprehension and grammar.

The ACT has four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. It is generally a much more time-restrictive test than the SAT, so students that struggle with timing but have not been granted extra time should strongly consider the SAT.

All Colleges that accept ACT scores accept SAT Scores and vice versa. Either test can be taken an essentially unlimited number of times, and students have the ability to choose which scores they send to colleges (and which they don't!). Please see ESM Prep’s ACT vs. SAT breakdown for a more thorough analysis and talk to us if you're having trouble deciding 100%.

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