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SAT Registration is OPEN for August-December 2023

It's now time to register for SAT dates for the rest of 2023!

If you already know what to do, go to the College Board now. This is especially true if you're a member of the Class of 2024 or located in California or internationally.

If you need to review important instructions and things to keep in mind, continue reading below.

Spots for August 2023 through December 2023 are now open and are limited in many major metropolitan areas around the world, so there is always a mad dash to sign up that can cause the website to malfunction or even crash completely.

Below are some helpful tips to navigate the registration process.

Sign up straight away!

Registering early gives your student the best possible chance to obtain a spot at the most convenient test center. You should begin this process immediately.

Be patient!

One of the best ways to avoid frustration is just to expect that this process will take a long time and have multiple roadblocks. You may have the experience of selecting a convenient test center and submitting payment info, only to be told at the last minute that you have lost your seat. If you receive a system error message, please go back to the “My SAT” landing page and try again until you get through.

Try your best to remain calm! If you are having trouble registeringfor these tests, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly for assistance.

Have a headshot ready!

To complete your SAT registration, you will need to upload a picture—in .jpg or .png format—of you from the shoulders up. That means no portrait mode, iPhone users; you will need to change the file type from HEIC to one of the accepted formats!

You can read more about the photo guidelines here.

May 6th & June 3rd SAT students: Play it safe & register.

Because registration has opened before scores from the May 6th test are released, and well before any score release for the June 3rd test, students taking one or both of those tests might be tempted to wait to register until you know exactly where you stand. If you don’t live in an area where spots are limited and you are waiting for your May scores to be released on Friday, May 19th, you can probably wait until you get your May scores to register.

In any other situation, however, we recommend signing up for the August 26th SAT (and maybe even October 7th) to be safe. If you wait until your June scores come out to register for future tests, for example, you run the risk of not finding a convenient test center, which could mean a long drive (or even a train or flight) to take a test. That long trip—and the lack of sleep that accompanies it—could hamstring you from reaching your target score on August 26th.

First-time test takers: Sign up for 2-3 tests.

Because registration for all fall test dates is now open, you will be able to register for all tests from August 2023 to December 2023 right away. As such, if you are planning to take your first test on August 26th, then it might make sense to also sign up for the October 7th and November 4th tests as well to make sure you get the most convenient test center possible. If you don’t think you need to take the test three times, please consult with your test prep mentor to determine the best course of action.

Skip every optional question.

The College Board asks a ton of questions about students’ grades and interests just to collect information for their own benefit. Skip everything you can to save time and get to the test center selection page as quickly as possible.

When you arrive at the page shown below, you can click through all 10 pages without adding any information.

Good luck with your registration!