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Mentor Spotlight: Kira Brownell


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Kira is a Senior Academic Mentor here at ESM Prep. Since joining our team over four years ago, Kira has touched the lives of students all over the world! 

After completing her B.S. in Technology Information Management at UC Santa Cruz, Kira joined the ESM Prep team as a full-time Academic Mentor. As an ESM Prep alum, Kira experienced firsthand the impact ESM Prep mentors and college coaches have on students and was eager to provide the same high-level mentorship. 

Kira embodies what it means to be an academic mentor at ESM Prep. Kira’s love of learning, particularly of STEM, resonates with every student she meets. She delivers the highest level of support to every student she meets, ensuring that learning is both accessible and engaging. ESM student Alex Evans describes Kira as “not only an excellent ACT tutor but a friend as well, both of which are equally important during such a stressful time”. Kira doesn’t just teach her students test prep, math, and science; she also teaches her students lifelong skills and sets them up for success both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Kira works with students of all ages and in many subjects, including ACT/SAT Prep, Math, Science, and Computer Science.

If you would like to learn more about Kira and how she can guide you to success, please reach out to