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Mentor Spotlight: Brena Adams


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Brena Adams is one of ESM’s premier Academic Mentors, and has hundreds of hours of both academic and test prep mentorship under her belt. Since starting with ESM a little over two years ago, Brena has worked with students from all corners of the Earth, and is passionate about helping students reach that “a-ha!” moment when diving into a problem. 

Brena’s natural curiosity is part of what makes her a wonderful mentor. Brena encourages her students to ask deeper questions about their own work, allowing them to explore—and get excited about—concepts beyond just answering their homework questions. Brena loves watching her students make connections when they’re problem solving. Students have the skills and knowledge, and Brena helps them to connect the dots. She often hears, “it’s that easy?” which is one of the best parts of her day.

Outside of ESM, Brena is a wonderful artist and maker of things. She is an accomplished painter and knitter, and is recently reacquainting herself with ceramics. Her latest challenge is working with electroplating, which she uses in jewelry making. Brena’s students usually get a furry co-mentor with Brena’s cat, CK, who pops in to check now and then.

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