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5 Things To Do After Getting Admitted To College

Congratulations — you’ve been accepted to your right-fit university! Here are 5 things to do before you start planning your dorm décor:

  1. Choose your college
  2. Submit your deposit
  3. Decline other universities
  4. Send your final school transcript
  5. Read all communications from your university

Choose your college

If you are fortunate enough to have more than one offer of admission, take some time to consider the details before the US national deadline of May 1, 2021. Compare final tuition prices and any financial aid offers — you may be able to negotiate more financial aid from your top choice if you disclose that you received a higher offer from another university. Think about the logistics of attending each university for the next four years. How will you travel to and from campus? Will you be able to visit your family for the holidays?

Submit deposit

After you’ve made your decision, remember to make it official by submitting a deposit. Be careful to note the deposit deadline — some universities have hard deadlines and are unforgiving of late deposits. Don’t lose your spot!

Decline other universities

While you could simply not reply to an offer of admission, officially declining any offers you don’t intend to accept is polite and only takes a moment. Most importantly, the sooner a university knows you’re not attending, the sooner it can admit someone else from their waitlist.

Send final transcript

While this is technically the responsibility of your school counselor, it is a good idea to follow up with your counselor if you notice that your transcript hasn’t been sent once it becomes available. It is, however, your responsibility to maintain your effort and grades—universities can withdraw their offers if they see that you’re already slacking.

Read communications

Over the course of the summer, you’ll receive many communications (whether by email or portal) from your future university. This means it’s your responsibility to check both spaces periodically. Read it all and read it carefully—there may be important information about housing, meal plans, or orientation programs.

After you’ve taken care of the above housekeeping, you should dive deeper into your academic and personal home for the next four years — join social media groups for the class of 2025 and reach out to your future roommate.

And one last thing…

Celebrate! You did it! You’re officially going to college!