Mirko Mostaghimi

B.S. Biology and Psychology

UC Berkeley


"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"

Salvador Dalí

Mirko is a passionate mentor and dynamic tutor. He holds bachelor's degrees in Molecular & Cell Biology and Psychology from UC Berkeley and is currently a medical student at Western University of Health Sciences. For almost a decade, Mirko has been a proponent of community empowerment, channeling teenagers' energy and interests into something constructive. Mirko has extensive experience in leading 1-on-1, small, and large classes and has received praise for his ability to bring out the strengths of his students. His personal interests in the natural sciences have led him to conduct research related to diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder, atherosclerosis, and gastrointestinal diseases. These experiences have allowed Mirko to apply knowledge from a solid academic foundation to real-life matters. Similarly, Mirko helps his students think critically about their coursework, by explaining the value of what they're learning and its relevance to the world.

Mirko strongly advocates for a growth mindset. Inherent "smarts" will get students only so far, especially on the road to excellence. He believes that academic challenges are inevitable and necessary to increase one's capacity to achieve more. Mirko's mentorship motivates, advises, and encourages his students to realize their goals, and he is confident that they will. With ESM, Mirko mentors biology, chemistry, physics, as well as their corresponding standardized (SATII, AP) tests.

When he is not in the library or on a Zoom call, Mirko enjoys the great outdoors, cooking, and performing his original rap songs at a local open-mic.

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