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Jacob Ciafre

B.S. Computational Physics

Slippery Rock University

M.S. Physics

Utah State University

Inspired by educators in his family, Jake strives to provide an enjoyable and personal experience for all of his students, specializing in physics, mathematics, computer science, as well as ACT and SAT preparation.

Attending Chartiers Valley High School, Jake got his first exposure to teaching as a student assistant for introduction to art. During the summer months, he volunteered at a local recreation camp to help youth foster their creativity and promote physical fitness. In 2016, while attending Slippery Rock University, Jake became a peer leader and started tutoring professionally. Throughout his graduate studies, he worked to assist thousands of students and in 2018 was named the Physics Teaching Assistant of the Year at Utah State University.

Attaining an expert understanding of subjects is only part of an educator's journey. Each student deserves a mentor who takes a personalized and focused approach to their education. Jake has worked for over a decade within an individual-based approach to education. His main goal is to help students build a solid base of knowledge to utilize throughout a lifetime.

During his free time, Jake enjoys a life shared with his wife, Cassandra, and cat, Penny. His hobbies include hiking, bike-packing, rock climbing, and strategy-based games.

Lisa Schultz


Graduate certificate in College Counseling

Robin Glover

Princeton University

B.A. Philosophy

John Sommerfeld

University of Alaska at Fairbanks

B.S. Geology

Seaun Eddy

Claremont McKenna College

B.A. Economics

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