Ellen Genender

B.A. Political Science, M.B.A.

University of Pennsylvania

Masters in International Affairs

Columbia University


Although Ellen officially began mentoring and advising students with ESM after her first two children went off to college, raising three children has given her incredible experience in understanding how to guide students through the often difficult yet exciting years of high school and college. Understanding the process from a parent perceptive has given Ellen a very real and practical approach as she works with students and families. She has specific and extensive experience in athletic recruiting as a college athlete herself and understands the NCAA guidelines and recruiting process. Ellen enjoys getting to know her students and helping them maintain balance and wellness throughout the process and beyond as they strive towards their educational goals.

Ellen majored in Political Science at Penn and later received her MBA and Masters in International Affairs at Columbia University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Mark and has three children. She enjoys hiking, biking, traveling and spending time with her family.

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