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Meet Academic Mentor Robin Glover

Robin Glover is another of ESM’s wonderful mentors. Specializing in Test Prep and Academic Mentorship, Robin has worked with students from all backgrounds and been able to help them achieve their educational goals. For Robin, the best part of mentoring is the unique space mentors occupy in their students’ lives. The role of the mentor is not one that critiques their work, so it's a low pressure environment where they get to explore and ask questions. As a mentor, Robin allows her students to go deeper into the material, understanding in ways that may not emerge in the classroom. Mentors get to see their students’ inquisitive side that teachers, parents, and peers don't always get to see.

When Robin is not with her students, she is working at a local barn in Malibu, riding and training the horses there. She has two cats, Bro and Jax, who keep her company while she plays PlayStation.