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How to Choose a Major

The process of picking your major can feel vague and overwhelming. To provide some clarity, as well as a place to start, I’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true tips to help you on your majoring journey!

  1. Connect with alums who have jobs you are interested in and/or older friends who have chosen your potential major. They’ll be able to give you some feedback on the pros and cons of the major.
  2. Get an internship related to a position, or shadow someone who has a job you could see yourself doing. It’s one thing to talk about a job, but it’s another thing entirely to experience a “day in the life”. You might find out that you don’t at all like what the job entails in the day-to-day, or you might get confirmation that it’s the job you want!
  3. There are several career and informational sites, like, that can provide information on how majors can connect to various career paths. Do your research, and look at the numbers in addition to listening to your gut.
  4. Take classes that pique your interest early on. Many schools have interdisciplinary courses that can satisfy your core requirements while you try your hand at a new subject. Always been interested in moviemaking? Take a basic production class! Want to know more about the free market? Look for an Econ course! You might find your calling.
  5. Double majors are also an option at most schools (as are minors or certificates), but be realistic about the amount of work needed to double major. And you know what? Nothing is set in stone. You can always change majors if you decide it’s not the one for you.